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and suddenly you're sleeping with my wife and driving my audi. >> what about my wife and aud economy? what's wrong with them? >> they're wonderful, i'm sure. i have a certificate that proves i'm a navigator. >> stephen: can i see your gun? >> i don't have a gun. i hope you're not armed. >> stephen: you asking me if i'm armed. i want to know if that's part of health care navigation. i know obamacare is coming from our guns. >> no, it's not. >> stephen: so it's okay if i'm armed. >> no! >> stephen: you're going ask me personal information as we go forward. >> correct. >> stephen: so i might feel uncomfortable at times. >> i understand that. >> stephen: why don't we establish a safe word. (laughter) pumpkin patch. if i say pumpkin patch that means it's getting heavy for me and i need to pull out. >> okay, can i have your name please? >> stephen: pumpkin patch. (laughter and applause) sorry, i panicked. first name is stephen. >>, is t-e-v-e-n-? >>. >> stephen: p.h.. i'm not an animal. >> and your middle initial? >> stephen: tyrone mos def. >> do you have a suffix? >> stephen: i do, it's d.f.a.
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1